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What if I want to perform and join the e-board? Do I have to choose?
Absolutely not! We encourage Hermanas to diversify their involvement within the team if they are able.
How can I join the team?
If you're looking to perform, we currently do not have any openings, but be sure to follow our social media to find out when we do! To join the executive board, email us for info.
Do I need to be able to step or stroll in order to join the Executive Board?
Nope! Our e-board positions do not require any performing experience. Email us to request info about what roles are available!
How can I request the team for a performance at my school?
Please fill out the request form, which can be found under the “Connect” tab. See you soon!
How can I purchase claves or Fit For a Senorita Gear?
Thanks for supporting us! You can find the link by clicking "Merchandise" under our "Shop" tab!
Help! I forgot the password to access the stroll tutorials. What do I do?
Please email the team: with “stroll tutorial pw” in the subject line to receive the password.
How do I access the step tutorials? Is it the same password?
A code is provided with a purchase of our signature engraved claves, and is different from the stroll tutorial password. If you purchased claves, but forgot the password, email us!
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